[stratum-dev] Stratum TST Meeting

Brian O'Connor bocon at opennetworking.org
Tue Jan 7 01:49:00 UTC 2020

Happy New Year!

Our first scheduled meeting of the year is scheduled for:
Thursday, January 9⋅10:00 – 10:30am PST

New Year, New Call?

   1.  There is a proposal for a new call time: Wed. 11:30am PST (San
   Francisco) / 8:30pm CET (Berlin) / Thurs 6:30am AEDT (Sydney). Are there
   any objections to this time slot? (during the summer months, we might adopt
   a different time)
   2. Meeting cadence: We currently have this meeting weekly. The thinking
   is to make the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays as larger meetings with scheduled
   presentations, and the other meetings more like sync-up / stand ups that
   are about going over current status and issues. Thoughts?
   3. Moving to Zoom. Be on the lookout for a new conferencing link in the
   calendar invite.

If there are no objections on the new time, we can move this week's
meeting. If there are any concerns, we can keep the previously scheduled
time and discuss on Thursday.

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