[stratum-dev] Questions about OVS, FPM, and supported hardware

Brian O'Connor bocon at opennetworking.org
Fri Jan 29 19:39:02 UTC 2021

Hi Syd,

Thanks for your questions! I've provided some answers inline.


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> Hi Stratum guys,
>                           I'm not sure of the right forum to ask these
> questions, so it would be great if you could provide suggestions (I did
> ping a few contacts listed on the repo, but no replies as yet, so I'm
> posting it here). Can you kindly provide feedback to the following:
> 1. From the documentation on your github repo (in addition to tutorials
> and presentations), it appears that the BMv2 is the virtual switch
> supported. Does Stratum also support OVS (Or any other production grade
> virtual switch?)? If not, is this on the roadmap?

Stratum does not support OVS or any production grade software switch for
now. We have some community members that have been looking into this, and
there are a few promising options. Support for a production grade switch is
not on the official roadmap at this point, but we would certainly welcome a
community contribution in this area!

> 2. From Brian's presentation in 2019 (https://youtu.be/I83VdrZtkyM), he
> mentioned that the Stratum FPM compiler does not support MPLS and QinQ. Can
> you kindly share documentation about what all is supported?

Sorry that this isn't spelled out in a README. The FPM compiler only
applies to the Broadcom target. For bmv2 and Tofino, you can use MPLS,
QinQ, and everything else that you can express in P4 and compile using the
bmv2 and Tofino compilers.

Here is a list of the supported pipeline stages for Broadcom:

Here is a list of the supported tables and entry types for Broadcom:

If you need a new features to FPM, I would highly recommend this talk:
P4 on FPM Switches with Stratum Max Pudelko (ONF) Slides
, Video <https://vimeo.com/360365536>
and this document:

> 3.  Is support for Broadcom's D7264 on the roadmap?

 Are you referring to the Inventec D7264 switch? If so, you'd have to check
with Inventec for specifics, but they might be working on it.

It's a Broadcom Tomahawk 2 switch that should be supported by the Stratum
OpenNSA target.

> Thanks!
> -Syd
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