[stratum-dev] BMv2 standalone instances unable to forward traffic

Maximilian Pudelko max at opennetworking.org
Tue May 11 18:33:04 UTC 2021

Glad you could make it work and thanks for writing up the solution.


On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 12:58 PM A Sydney via stratum-dev <
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> I was able to resolve the issue. Below is a quick summary:
> Problem: The ONOS GUI did not show any links and further investigation
> showed that LLDP traffic was not observed in the stratum_bmv2 log.
> Solution: I specified the "cpu_port" argument when stratum_bmv2 starts-up
> (i.e. cpu_port was set to 255, which is the same port used in the p4
> program).
> PS. Feel free to read below for more details:
> Cheers!
> -Syd
> On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 1:41 PM A Sydney <asydney007 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Stratum folks,
>>                            It appears that traffic is not forwarded by
>> the BMv2 standalone instances. Here are more details:
>> 1. I used Max's instructions to create standalone BMv2 instances running
>> on Debian 10.
>> 2. I created an SdnTest app on ONOS with the identical pipeconf,
>> bmv2.json, and p4info.txt files from the ngsdn-tutorial app (i.e. the same
>> working versions of these files from the ngsdn-tutorial VM are used in a
>> different setup with a different ONOS controller and 6 standalone bmv2
>> switches). (https://github.com/opennetworkinglab/ngsdn-tutorial).
>> 3. I created a custom 6-node Clos topology and I've attached the
>> corresponding netcfg.json in the tarball.
>> 4. Onos starts up just fine and I ensure that all apps (similar to the
>> ones running on ngsdn-tutorial) are fired-up (See onos_cli_log in attached).
>> 5. I then push netcfg.json to onos, and the onos logs show a few "Failed
>> to register Bandwidth" and "Failed to register Port" errors (See onos_log
>> in attached tarball): Note: After digging a bit, it appears that these
>> messages originate from ResourceDeviceListener.java on line 162 when
>> "log.isTraceEnabled()" is not set in ConsistentResourceStore on line 122
>> (So this essentially may not be an issue?). In any case, onos_cli_log shows
>> that all devices are connected and available. Interestingly, the "Tx"
>> portstat remains at 0. Given the fact the the lldpprovider app is running,
>> I would expect at least LLDP traffic to be flowing.
>> 6. As an example, I logged onto leaf1 to take a look at the logs, and
>> from the terminal, I see the following (See leaf1_stratum_terminal_log for
>> more details):
>> """
>> E20210426 16:01:18.918056  5458 p4_service.cc:311] Failed to write
>> forwarding entries to node 1:
> This occurs when an attempt is made to install a flow that already exists.
>> """
>> So when the switch starts up, the initial "chassis_config_file" lists all
>> 8 ports on all switches. However, netcfg.json specifies 6 of the 8. When I
>> take a look through the onos web GUI, I still see all 8 ports which implies
>> that perhaps there may be issues pushing the updated chassis_config_file to
>> the switch?
>> 7. When I look through the details debug log for leaf1 (see
>> leaf1_log_written_to_file), I only see 1 LLDP pkt (i.e. ethtype 88cc),
>> though tcpdump from the controller shows that the controller is indeed
>> sending numerous discovery pkts.
>> This turns out to be the log when lldphostprovider adds the LLDP rule to
> the switch.
>> PS. I've attached a tarball with the various log files and a ReadMe
>> describing the contents of each file.
>> Can you kindly provide feedback on perhaps why traffic (at least LLDP) is
>> not forwarded by the switches?
> Using tcpdump, I observed that LLDP traffic was sent from the controller
> and made it to the switch. However, the bmv2 logs did not register any LLDP
> traffic on port 255 (i.e. the CPU port specified in the p4 program). I took
> a look at how stratum_bmv2 starts from the ngsdn-tutorial vm and observed
> that "cpu_port" was one of the arguments and was set to 255. For some
> reason, I thought that 255 was the default CPU port but it turns out that
> the default port is 64.  So I specified the "cpu_port" argument in
> testrig and pkt-in/outs now work and hence LLDP works.
>> BTW. I also tried to connect to leaf1 via "util/p4rt-sh", install flow
>> rules to foward traffic between ports 5 and 6, but a quick ping showed that
>> traffic was not flowing: I also used tcpdump on leaf1 to verify that indeed
>> no pkts were making it on ports 5 and 6 (except dhcp which is expected).
> This was a result of the behavior of the protocols in my environment. I
> had to add new tables and their corresponding ONOS components, and now
> traffic flows just fine.
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