[stratum-dev] Possible issue with stratum_bmv2/ONOS hostdiscovery

A Sydney asydney007 at gmail.com
Wed May 26 17:32:53 UTC 2021

Hi Stratum folks,
                          I came across this intermittent issue:

I'm running standalone bmv2 instances and I've installed rules to clone all
ARP traffic to the ONOS controller. When the ARP packet gets to the
controller (i.e. pinging between hosts), an ONOS app listening for new
hosts installs flow rules. However, I've seen the following situations:

1. An ARP request hits the switch and it is cloned to the controller (i.e.
as logged from the switch). The host is automatically discovered by ONOS
and flow rules installed.

2. An ARP request hits the switch, and is cloned to the controller, but
flow rules are not installed immediately. I have observed that it can take
from 30s to 4 minutes for the host to be discovered by ONOS. I have also
observed situations where the host was not discovered > 7 or so minutes.

Any thoughts?

PS. I've also got the lldpprovider app running, and links are discovered
immediately and this behavior is always consistent (so the issue may not be
with packet-ins/outs?).

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