[stratum-dev] Stratum 2021-10-09 Release and Call to Action

Brian O'Connor bocon at opennetworking.org
Tue Oct 12 02:06:23 UTC 2021

Dear Stratum Community!

We would first like to thank you for being a member of this community and
for your contributions. Over the past four years, the Stratum community has
achieved a lot:


   Demonstrated how P4 can be used to model fixed-pipeline ASICs,

   Used P4 to program a variety of flexible targets, including ASICs,
   FPGAs, and CPUs,

   Controlled a multi-vendor, multi-ASIC leaf-spine fabric using ONOS and
   the Trellis control applications,

   Read statistics and configured peripherals using gNMI, including
   long-range optical transceivers,

   Automated device testing using TestVectors enabling CI/CD for the switch

   Deployed Stratum in a variety of production environments, including
   ONF’s Aether fabric,

   Improved and evolved P4Runtime using real world use cases with the P4
   API working group,

   Educated community on the benefits of P4Runtime and gNMI.

In addition, Stratum is part of ONF’s Continuous Certification Program
<https://opennetworking.org/continuous-certification-program/> and a few
companies have certified their switches
<https://opennetworking.org/marketplace/?_product_project=stratum> with
Stratum. Stratum switches have been taken into commercial deployments by a
number of users.

Today, we are pleased to announce the Stratum 2021-10-09 release (or 21.10
for short). This release contains several new features and fixes for
Stratum's Intel Barefoot Tofino target and will be part of the upcoming
first ONF SD-Fabric release; stratum_bfrt is now the default and
recommended target for Tofino users. This release makes debugging easier on
all Stratum targets by stamping version information into binaries when they
are compiled and logging that information on Stratum startup. It also
contains first time contributions from Pier Luigi Ventre.

Pre-built Docker images and Debian packages, along with a more extensive
changelist, are available in the GitHub release page:


However over the past several months, ONF has observed that the community
is not getting adequate support from its members. While we have a number of
code contributors, we have recently been lacking code maintainers who help
triage bugs and issues, work with contributors on feature designs, and
review code contributions. Unfortunately, our previously active maintainers
have moved on to new projects/companies, and we feel that the core of the
community is at risk of shrinking.

As with every community, it is only as active as its members. With this
message, we would like to issue a call to action to all interested
community members to step up their participation in the Stratum community.
Open source communities are healthiest when multiple companies are
represented from the user level all the way up through leadership, and we
are asking ONF member companies for your support!

We are looking for new maintainers to step up from our community. A new
maintainer is someone who climbs the developer learning curve through
multiple code submissions, then starts taking responsibility for the
contributions of others through design/code review, work with authors, etc.
Ultimately, *we would like to add at least a few new maintainers by the end
of this year*; there are further growth opportunities that will emerge in
the future (e.g. becoming a TST member).

If you would like to become a maintainer or explore other ways you can
contribute to the Stratum community, please reach out to Ain Indermitte
<ain at opennetworking.org> and Brian O'Connor <bocon at opennetworking.org>.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of this community!

On behalf of the Stratum TST,

Brian O’Connor (Lead, ONF)

Alireza Ghaffarkhah (Google)

Craig Stevens (Dell/EMC)

Max Pudelko (ONF)

Yi Tseng (ONF)
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